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Mary Beth: Florist & Bride

After a 45-minute interview with Mary Beth Wesley, Urban Rubbish's Associate Designer, discussing her June wedding and experience as both a florist and bride, I found a common thread with each answer, whether about flower choices or finding inspiration. Each of her responses noted the genuine personal interactions with her family, bridesmaids, groom or vendors. For example, when remembering a few special minutes with her father before walking down the aisle, she mentioned, with tears in her eyes, how he whispered words of encouragement and created a sense of calm allowing her to absorb the significance of the moments ahead. She said, "Every time I saw him that day he grounded me," noting how he helped her reflect throughout the day.

Being a floral designer, Mary Beth understands that photographers, venue owners, wedding coordinators, and other vendors have multiple clients at a time. As a matter of fact, Urban Rubbish had another wedding that sunny June day at Moore Ranch in a town 20 minutes away. Despite the abundance of clients, Mary Beth commended each of her vendors for treating her and her family with unwavering attention and respect. After being on the bride's side, she remarked how she has a new appreciation for her work, especially after guests have still shared their thoughts on her wedding day even three months later.

Some of the following questions relate to FAQs and questions from our followers on Facebook and Instagram:

Q: How did you choose your colors?

A: Mary Beth found a pair of shoes on Instagram with a color combination she adored, then she shared the photo with Jaelynn, co-owner of Urban Rubbish, and said "I want these tennis shoes to come to life in my wedding- and she made it happen!"

Q: Which flowers pair well with greenery such as eucalyptus?

A: Any flower choice pairs well with eucalyptus!

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Mary Beth said she derives most of her inspiration from Jaelynn's distinct boho style. Her experience with Urban Rubbish greatly influences her design, despite using different methods to achieve the final look.

Q: Which flowers do you recommend for weddings?

A: Mary Beth recommends using sturdy flowers that will last the entire day, especially flowers in outdoor arch pieces. Her wedding day reached 100 degrees, so for outdoor arrangements choose sun/heat-resistant flowers! For bridal bouquets, she says "I think you can use anything as long as you make sure it stays in water most of the day."

Q: Why did you choose Peach Creek Ranch as your venue?

A: Mary Beth says she couldn't have picked any other place to get married. From her first visit as a vendor, she always knew Peach Creek Ranch would be the place she started her forever.

Q: Tips for future brides?

A: Mary Beth's main tip was to trust your florist. Simply provide your florist with a color scheme, style, and a few of your favorite flowers. She added that at Urban Rubbish, if you provide these, "We will make it happen!"

This blog post was written by Lily Reeves in 2018! We are excited and happy to share it with you!

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