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Hurricane Harvey Wedding

Rain on your wedding day is said to be good luck; it’s thought to represent cleansing, fertility, and a new beginning for the newlywed couple. (So does this include Hurricanes?) As native Texans know, and newbies quickly come to realize, the Lone Star State’s weather can change in an instant. One minute it’s sunny and seventy-five, and the next it’s storming like an apocalypse is near.

So was the case in the wedding of Josh and Hannah. In late August, Category 4 Hurricane Harvey quickly formed and made landfall in South/ Central Texas. The storm dropped approximately 50 inches of rain, blew winds up to 130 miles an hour, and caused billions of dollars in damage. A stressful situation for most, the couple made the best of Mother Nature’s plans and adapted. The wedding, held at Peach Creek Ranch in College Station, TX, was ultimately moved completely indoors, as there was continuous torrential downpour (which ultimately made for some romantic couple photos. SCORE.).

However despite the dreary outdoor weather, the vibe of the wedding stayed consistent and was accented by the chosen flower arrangements. We kept things light and airy with the brides chosen colors of blush, light pink and white.

It may have been pouring, but there is definitely something about wedding photos in the rain!

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