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Rachel + Blaine


Rachel + Blaine were married in August and were absolutely thrilled to get photos back from their stellar photographer Kaley Elaine!

We worked with Rachel for months through email to perfect the right bridal party flowers...guys, just wait until you see these bridesmaids die!!! We were an instant fit, and Rachel was added to our calendar for August 19th!

The date rolled around and Janine and I landed the car and headed to Serenity Reigns for drop off. It's a venue we had never visited, but it was the perfect place for Rachel and her ladies to get ready and it made the sweetest backdrop of Rachel + Blaines first look!

Aren't they the cutest? Kaley did an amazing job catching these first look moments and they seriously give me butterflies!

Now...let's talk about these bridesmaids dresses. When I got a sneak peek and saw how perfectly perfect these flowers went with the dress, I almost screamed! Can I just have my wedding all over again and have these dresses? Or better yet, can I just have one to wear all the time? So gorgeous. I just can't!

Of all the colors and bouquets that I get to do, I think that traditional white blooms mixed with textured greenery will always be some of my favorites. So classic and elegant.

Rachel + Blaine, thank you again so much for choosing us for your wedding flowers. We wish you our sincerest congratulations on your marriage!

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