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Bohemian Beauty



For her bouquet, I was in a fall mood and, of course, I always tend to stray to the boho side of designs. I took a mommy break while Cynda watched the kiddos and foraged for some unique textures and fall colors to pair with the soft mayra pink garden roses we sourced from on of our favorite wholesale florists and echnops thistles. I often find myself inspired by plants that grown around me and hunting for all these goodies was no exception!

We ventured into an open field with high grass (per Gabe with 1023s creative advice) and we couldn't have picked a more perfect spot. The way the weeds kissed the bottom of her dress was magical. Caroline's dress may have been covered with thorns after the shoot, but it was oh so worth it!

I mean, look at the way Caroline's eyes pop over these colors! Cynda with Urban Rouge did an amazing job playing up her beauty and gave her a smoldering yet natural eye. Top knot braids are so on trend this season and we softly curled and tousled Carolines short hair and pulled the look together with a chunky gypsy necklace.

Robby has such an eye for capturing the details and he blows my mind overtime we get a set of photos back. Our brides really feel comfortable working with him and he has a way of making our girls feel so comfortable in their own skin.

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