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Urban Rubbish FAQs

We have compiled a list of our most common Q&As to help you with choosing your florist! Read below for helpful tips!

Q: How soon after engagement should I book my florist?

A: When researching your wedding planning timeline, you will most likely find templates suggesting booking with your florist around the 6 month out mark. At Urban Rubbish, we have seen an influx of couples booking anywhere from 1 year to 18 months (some have even been longer). We would highly recommend putting your deposit down with a florist as soon as you have found the right fit and have nailed down your wedding date!

Q: How much does the average couple spend on their wedding flowers.

A: Wedding budgeting rules recommend spending no more than 10% of your total wedding budget on your wedding flowers. However, if flowers are more important to you, a coordinator can help you move your funds around by cutting costs in other areas that may not hold as much importance.

Q: Why do flowers cost so much?

A: Fresh flowers are extremely perishable and can wilt in extreme heat or cold temperatures. When arranging wedding flowers, we work with a very short time window to ensure flowers are delivered at their peak of beauty. Pair the perishability with time and labor that it takes, to process, design, deliver and decorate your wedding venue and the total can really add up. At Urban Rubbish, we take great care in making sure that you receive the best quality flowers and arrangements possible!

Q: What if the flowers I want aren't in season for my wedding date?

A: By booking a professional florist, you'll gain access to their vast knowledge of the many types of flowers offered. Florists have a very close relationship with their wholesaler and they will work together to find a flower that gives you the same look and feel of what you're looking for, no matter the season!

Q: What is the price difference in fresh flowers and silk flowers?

A: In almost all cases, a nice quality silk flower costs more than fresh flowers.

Q: Do you offer set package prices?

A: At Urban Rubbish, we don't have set package pricing. Each of our brides are unique as are their budgets and flower choices. We create a customized package for each bride to meet her needs and do our best to offer suggestions of how to remain within their set budgets. Just let us know you're price range and we would be happy to work with you to get the most out of your package!

Q: Can I DIY my own flowers?

A: We would recommend leaving the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages up to the pros! However, centerpieces can be a fun way for your wedding party to help out with the wedding. We offer many affordable options of wholesale flowers and we can help with quantities and flower recommendations. Ask about our wholesale options!

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