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I'm not the best blogger, by any means, but I'm real, and this is me.

If you're reading this, hopefully, you have stumbled upon our page and found yourself right at home. I'm not a writer, I guess you can call me a blogger, because, here I am, blogging (or trying anyway). I'll make a promise to stop by and write, in between giggling (and sometimes crying) babies, designing wedding flowers, and trying my hardest to help run our little growing flower business.

Here you will get to know the real me, the real us, the wedding florist that's so lucky to have her dream job, staying home with babies and making the wedding day flowers you imagined as a little girl. The wedding florist that even after 15 years of designing, still gets so nervous handing over a bouquet to a bride. The wedding florist that designs from her tiny little nest, amongst pitter patter of tiny little feet (that may or may not have tasted some of your wedding flowers) and "mommy I want to hold yous". The wedding florist that loves what she does with every ounce of her being.

This is me. This is us. This is Urban Rubbish.

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